Are Dentures The Best Tooth Replacement Solution?

Are you missing some teeth and are wondering whether it is really necessary to have dentures? Well, below are three reasons that may encourage you to have the dentures designed, and created for you.

Dentures Improve Your Overall Appearance
If you have had some teeth removed, the gaps created by the missing teeth can really be an embarrassment – especially when smiling or talking. Having false teeth in place can really improve the way you look. It can really help with one’s self esteem and confidence. These are big factors in helping with getting a job, or even finding that special person you want to be with.

For some people, false teeth can also help in the support of the lips, and improve the positioning of the cheeks. This is especially true in cases where there is a row of missing teeth. Therefore, as opposed to avoiding smiling, or being conscious when talking, why not try out the dentures and see how this will improve your looks and confidence?

If you have a teenager with missing teeth, and they have all had their adult teeth come in already, getting them dentures can really improve their self-confidence. This can make it easier for them to socialize, help at school, and eventually with their career as they enter the workforce.

Dentures Can Help With Pronunciation
For some people, missing teeth can affect the pronunciation of some letters and words. This is especially common when the missing teeth are at the front. With the dentures in place, you can have access to an entire section of your vocabulary you may have lost due to missing teeth.

Dentures May Help With Chewing
Dentures can also help in one’s chewing ability. However, we want to be as transparent as possible. Dentures are a step up from eating without any teeth – that’s a fact. There are foods that dentures have a hard time with. These are tough cuts of meat, like steak, and hard breads.

Many people love these foods so much, they decide to find a workaround to their challenge. This is where dental implants, and fixed dentures, come into play. Fixed dentures are now being called “All-on-4 dental implants,” and they are similar to a traditional dental implant, in that the dentist has to drill into your jawbone. The difference with implants is that each tooth is done individually. Doing it this way can too much for most working folks to take advantage of.

An All-on-4 implant is where the dentist strategically places four implants in certain area of the jawbone, allows it to heal, and clicks a whole set of dentures onto the gums. This is much easier to perform for the dentist, and is much affordable for you. Whichever route you decide to go, know that there is a perfect solution for you out there. You just need to do the research, and figure out which procedure is the best for you.