Stop Smoking And Hypnosis: Does It Work?

Everyone has someone in their family or friends who smoke cigarettes, joints, etc. Smoking is a bad habit because it seriously causes damage to health and it is proved it causes cancer. So why not people try quitting this bad habit, many have tried quitting the habit of smoking, but they either end up with nicotine patches, chewing gum or some medicines which do not help at all. Rather it is found people again start smoking packets and packets.

To be very true this habit cannot be left in a day; its not a days job some take a month, a year, but it takes time. It is believed and scientifically proven if a person does not do a particular work for twenty-one days he or she will surely never do it again, so if someone stops a bad habit for twenty-one days, that individual is not going to repeat it again. To keep your motivation up read quotes like in this book

Why people take up smoking?

This question has a variable answer as smoking is never a habit until that person loves it or willing to do it again and again. People smoke to enjoy; they even smoke to get relief from tension, working environment or peer pressure that is seeing your friends and colleagues smoking and that individual develops a desire to do the same.

Even todays kids especially teenagers take up the use of tobacco just because they think they look hot while smoking but it ain’t real, cause this habit will not only cause damage to themselves but people around them by passive smoking.

Time to put a stop!

As discussed earlier smoking can’t be stopped in a day, or use of such medicines or drugs is not going to help what is that thing which will help. Stop Smoking and hypnosis are the procedure which involves some basic induction techniques where a person is hypnotized in a manner so that he or she start disliking this habit. With the help of hypnotherapy, a significant number of people found it more efficient as they have developed the feeling of hate for this bad habit.

Hypnotherapy also helps the person to put themselves into a state of complete relaxation and free from all stress, tension where they found it irrelevant from using cigarettes again. People have also indicated that this technique has also brought a change in their behavior now they have turned into a more family kind of guy with a better lifestyle without those red buds in their hands!

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