Where Does Chiropractic Care Fit Into The Healthcare Model?

Chiropractic care is the leading non-drug health care delivery system in the United States. Long after being hounded by the medical profession, chiropractors are being welcomed into the main stream by the public who are benefiting from sound care. Learn why people just like you are turning away from medication and seeking alternatives for help living optimally. So there is no confusion. chiropractic was started by a magnetic healer Daniel Palmer from Davenport, Iowa in 1895. What is a magnetic healer? It is a way to re align the energy fields that surround all of us. A decrease in the energy flow that surrounds us means lower resistance to bacteria and virus along with lowered immune response.

Our bodies are full of energy. When energy is blocked we are more likely to get sick. Decreased energy means a lowered immune response. The spine houses a vital connection between the brain and the rest of the body. When the spine is blocked by a vertebra that has misaligned we call it a subluxation. There is a drain on the body part affected by that nerve. For example the C7 nerve in the neck will control the fingers motor and sensory actions. If the C7 vertebra is subluxated it could affect how the hand works.

In cases of carpal tunnel syndrome there are aberrant signals from the brain to the wrist. This can be caused by a subluxated nerve in the neck. Now it can also be from a trapped median nerve in the wrist. If you were to take a pain relieving pill you would get some relief from your symptoms. But would the relief last?

The pain could be mitigated temporarily but will return. What if a tiny carpal bone in the wrist is pressing on the median nerve? You could move the offending carpal bone back to its right location. This would reduce pressure on the median nerve. This can solve the problem that medication cannot. Now if you trace back to the spine and find a subluxation in the lower neck you may have another area to consider. The idea here is to find subluxations that are causing pain and illness. Fix the subluxation and allow the body to heal itself.
Cervical Spinal decompression is the best way to eliminate back pain, especially after you have tried everything else. Darien chiropractor was the first in the region to offer this treatment over 17 years ago. His treatment now includes a laser therapy session afterwards. The combination of decompression and laser has boosted results. Rethink your way of treating spinal related back and neck pain